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March/April 1994

"Spring Fever" is the title of this print by Terry Redlin. Redlin is a Watertown native and is nationally recognized for his art. 


Ducks are Back: Stamps benefit wetland conservation programs.

Missouri River Monster: Who knows what strange creatures lurk beneath the surface of the Mighty Mo.

Terry Redlin: Watertown's artist-in-residence brings his dream back home. [read more]

Political Animal: Argus Leader reporter Dave Kranz takes South Dakota's political pulse.

The Oahe Project: A nice idea that ended in a 'civil war.'

Survivor's School: The Takini School brings adults and children together for a unique learning experience.

Spring Signals Survival: The season that brings rain, life, hope and relief.

Nicollet's Map: Joseph Nicollet recorded more than just the land he loved, he mapped a way for us to exist with each other.

Letter to Sister: A woman pieces together the images of a father's concern and love in a letter to her younger sister.

Here Piggy Piggy: Sometimes things get difficult in a corral full of swine when you have an audience of detractors.




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