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March/April 1995

Sioux Falls artist Sheldon Hage calls our cover painting "Annexed." 


Land of the Ferrets: Hermosa writer Michael Melius hiked into the Badlands to look for black-footed ferrets.

When Railroads Ruled: Before the age of the automobile, the railroads knit the nation, and South Dakota, together.

Artist Sheldon Hage: The Sioux Falls artist brings rural and urban themes together in his three-dimensional art.

The Buffalo Vs. the Bull: A contest between a South Dakota buffalo and a Mexican bull was no contest. [read more]

King of the Grocers: Marc King could have had a chain of stores stretching across South Dakota, but instead he chose another route.

McMaster's Gas War: When oil companies raised their prices in the 1920s, Governor William Henry McMaster fired the first shot in a gas war. [read more]

Back to Nature Food Shopping: Recipes from the East Dakota Natural Foods Cooperative in Sioux Falls.

A Rosebud Education: Conservationist Wes Jackson tells how his values were shaped by summers on his cousin's Rosebud ranch.

Character for Sale: Bob's Cafe, The Clothes Horse and Ayres Hardware have something in common — all have character.




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