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March/April 1996

Sioux Falls artist Rosemary Millette calls this painting "Broken Silence-Elk." 


Black Hills Elk Speak: When outdoorsman Kevin Lineback calls out, elk answer with their distinctive bugling tones. [read more]

Carnegie Tradition Lives On: Buildings funded by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie still stand in 22 South Dakota communities.

Ree Heights: A small town in Hand County as seen through the eyes of a poet and a photographer.

Philip: Far away from any urban area, residents don't take anything or anyone for granted.

Paul Bunyan: Legend says Paul Bunyan logged his way across South Dakota, shaping the Black Hills along the way.

Reservation Entrepreneurism: Opportunity is where you are. That explains why Elsie Meeks keeps her business savvy on the Pine Ridge.

Rancher Roulette: It's just a matter of time before a rancher's luck runs out, writer Linda Hasselstrom quips.

The Coolidge Conquest: A presidential summer in the Black Hills with Silent Cal. [read more]

Kuchen Catches On: Recipes for the ethnic German pastry that became the South Dakota state dessert.

South Dakota Sunsets: Nature's spectacular reminder that another day has come and gone.

Dakota Skies: Where the universe opens its arms in welcome to those willing to take the time to notice. [read more]




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