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March/April 1998

Yankton native Mary Leone Schramm, an art teacher who now lives in New York, painted "Santa Fe Rollin' Along" for our cover. It depicts a railroad bridge over the James River by old Highway 50 near Yankton. 


A Brush With History: Artist David Humphreys Miller met and painted Little Bighorn survivors.

Emergency on the James River: Without funding, danger may be floating downstream on the sluggish waterway.

Building a Future in Hermosa: This West River agricultural town could have a suburban future.

Up in Smoke: The lost cigar-making factories of Dakota Territory.

Across the Garden Gate: Memories from Robert Amerson's Hidewood childhood.

Outlandish Promotions: Schemes that put South Dakota sights on the map.

Lookout Mountain: Pondering the future of a Spearfish landmark.

Northward Journey Into Spring: The birds are here, can spring be far behind?

The Night the Governor Died: When death hits close to home. Fiction by Ried Holein. 




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