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March/April 2000

Marian Henjum of Sioux Falls painted this watercolor, "South Dakota State Flower — Pasque." 


Brave Little Flower: South Dakota's pasqueflower heralds spring.

Connecting South Dakota: Five historic bridges built in the 1920s brought East River and West River together.

Pine Ridge Hero: SuAnne Big Crow was more than a basketball star.

Clark: A northeastern South Dakota community of fun-loving noncomformists have fashioned a wonderful life.

The Odd Couple: Term limits halted powerful Grant County political duo Harold Halverson and Bob Weber.

Whatever Happened to Shorty Wallin?: His cowboy art was found in a closet in Hot Springs, but the man remains a mystery.

Tarzan in Java: Saturday nights in the 1950s Walworth County town centered around the movie theater.

High Mountain Gardening: The Black Hills blossom for a knowing hand. [read more]




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