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March/April 2001

John Green's cover art "Black Elk on Harney Peak" commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Lakota holy man's mountain hike with author John Neihardt, upon whose photograph the illustration is based. 


Open Spaces: Stephen Gassman's photos and Daniel Dustin's text highlight the beauty of the South Dakota plains.

Hoven: The little northeast South Dakota prairie town with the big church.

Why Bob Writes Books: Mission Hill's prairie historian and humorist, Bob Karolevitz.

Homestake's Last Ounce: The closing of America's most famous gold mine.

Gold Mucker: The life of a greenhorn Homestake miner in Lead.

Mayor of Monroe: John Visser kept an eye over his Turner County community.

Letcher's Wheelwright Rolls On: Doug & Holly Hanson build the wagons of great grandfather's dreams.

The Vision Revisited: Hilda Neihardt remembers Lakota holy man Black Elk's 1931 visit to Harney Peak.

Dust to Dust: The old Black Hills mines crumble.




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