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March/April 2003

"Rapid City in the Rain" and other paintings by John Green can be seen at his studio in Madison.


There's Bears in Them Thar Hills: Bear Country, south of Rapid City, is South Dakota's Wild Kingdom.

Playing Big in Rapid City: South Dakota's second largest city is the capital of a different world.

Homegrown Journalism: Jon Hunter is the third-generation head of the Madison Leader.

Music Man: The memoir of top American composer John Cacavas begins in Aberdeen. [read more]

Crazy Horse: Will we remember the Lakota leader, or his myth?

Holey Rocks: This Roberts County mystery is set in stone.

Old World New Deal: Norwegian immigrants brought social security along.

From Clods to Clouds: Flying Farmers flee fields for the air.

Roscoe's Pie Patriot: Kay Ulmer does her part to keep America strong.




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