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March/April 2006

Belle Fourche photographer Les Voorhis came face-to-face with a red fox kit in Butte County.


Exploring the Cave Hills: The arid buttes of Harding County surround hidden treasures.

Rick's Salt: A Mobridge chef knows the secret to seasoning.

Wild Babies: As spring beckons, South Dakota photographers share their shots of wild animal babies. 

Aberdeen — Still the Hub: Brown County's metropolis has become a center for culture.

Twelve of South Dakota's Great Athletes: Veteran sports journalist Hod Nielsen narrows the field of hero athletes.

A Stoney Retreat: Once considered worthless, Arrowhead Park in Sioux Falls is now a jewel.

Footprints on Film: Wayne Paananen of Lead rescues one-of-a-kind films highlighting South Dakota.

The Lek Dance: The mysterious rituals of the sharp-tailed grouse are revealed.

LaFramboise Island: This scenic nature area is much more than a sandbar near Pierre.

Requiem for a Catfish: A Woonsocket angler netted a prize-winning catfish.




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