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May 1985

Premier Issue!

Our first cover of a lineman working on an electric pole was provided by Joel Strasser of Canton.


A Modest Proposal: Simply a notion that perhaps our state's largest city might benefit from a name change.

The Lean Years: A South Dakotan who grew up in the Great Depression writes a first-person account of his family's trials.

Before REA: A fictional conversation with three people who lived and farmed without electricity. Based on actual interviews.

Cattleman's Homecoming: A former South Dakota auctioneer takes a nostalgic look at the business of raising and marketing livestock.

Antique or Junque? What was junk to our grandparents often sells for top dollar at flea markets and auction sales today.

Fishing the Black Hills: Even for a novice angler, the Black Hills offers great fishing experiences.

Our Sports Hall of FameYou may not realize it, but South Dakota has a Sports Hall of Fame and 57 enshrinees.




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