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May/June 1988

This photograph was taken at Silver Lake north of Freeman, just as a spring storm passed by, leaving the sky gray-blue like the water.


Deadwood: You Bet it Has a Future: This Black Hills town is gambling that voters will approve their plan for community restoration.

The Tastee Family: A family-style camaraderie has developed in a tiny, ten-stool diner at Yankton.

The Porch Swing: Local history written from the front porch.

The Judge: For 40 years, Sigurd Anderson served as a public servant – most memorably as governor. But how about that Webster law practice? [read more]

Pierre's War Memorials: Two memorials on Capitol Lake salute the men and women who have protected our freedoms.

Kyle Evans: Centennial Troubadour: This Wessington Springs farmboy is gaining fans for his true country music.

Smalltown, Heal Yourself: Can small towns control their destinies?




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