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May/June 1989

Saluting our Pioneers

The pioneer painting is by Mary Groth, a young artist from Aberdeen who excels in capturing the subtle beauty and unique colors of the prairie and its people. 


Building with Sod: The first earth homes.

One State or Two? How the Dakota Territory split.

A Widow's Ledger: The financial records of Josephine Leader tell a story of determination.

Pioneer Lawman Jesse Brown: The sometimes forgotten character of the Black Hills.

Rose of the Prairie: Britton's tough and independent homesteader.

Hooky Jack: Rapid City's first policeman.

Medary: Almost a Town: Where Nobles Road crossed the Big Sioux River, a group of Minnesotans hoped to establish the capital of a new territory.

Tulare's Baseball Ban: When playing ball on Sundays was a crime.

First Lady of the Air: On January 13, 1928, Nellie Willhite became South Dakota's first female pilot. [read more]

The Real Builders: Throughout our history, the farmer has been the mainstay of our state's civilization.




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