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May/June 1990

Laura Abrams of Rapid City painted our cover featuring the Badlands.


Buffalo Man: Fred Matthews, a Custer State Park employee, knows buffalo like few other people.

Prairie Thunderstorm: Surviving an outdoor spring storm can be a spiritual experience.

D & E Cafe: Revisiting Pierre's world famous eatery.

Casey Tibbs: A memorial to one of America's best cowboys.

Child's Death in Springtime: An essay about trying times near De Smet.

Summer Travel Guide: A guide to summer activities in South Dakota.

Callihan's Motor Car: South Dakota's first horseless carriage. [read more]

Porcupine Storekeepers: Competitors have come and gone, but one trading post has survived here for 100 years.

Badlands Backpacking: It's an experience for the hardy camper. But what a view!




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