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May/June 1991

"Democracy from the Eye of the Eagle" by Madison, South Dakota, artist John Green is the official Golden Anniversary art print for the Mount Rushmore memorial.


Rushmore: 50 Years Old: Celebrating the golden anniversary of the world's most famous sculpture.

Unfinished Business: Gutzon Borglum's original vision for the mountain remains uncompleted to this day.

Photographing the Faces: Rapid City photographer Bill Groethe captures West River country on film.

Rhubarb Day: Sweet times in Leola.

Simple Camping: Camping doesn't have to be a huge hassle.

Faulkton: The guy who left a pink castle there would like today's residents.

A Ghost Town Called Spokane: The voices of this Black Hills mining village have long been silenced. Or have they? [read more]

Driving Interstate 90: Paul Higbee shares some of his favorite stops along South Dakota's main road.

Black Hills Playhouse: A colorful history of the modest beginnings of Doc Lee's dream.

Dakota Style Potato Chips: Their crop is in the bag.

Aberdeen Canteen: Hub City women served pheasant sandwiches to traveling troops in World War II.




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