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May/June 1992

"Kittie Checks Out Bear Butte" is the title of this oil by Ron Backer. "Kittie" was one of four stagecoaches that traveled the Medora-Deadwood stageline in the 1880s. 


Badlands Journey: Phillip Hall provides hard-earned tips on traveling the badlands on a horse.

De Smet: One of South Dakotans' favorite small towns lives up to its "Little House" heritage.

Black and Yellow Trail: Re-discovering Highway 14.

Nicollet Tower: What do a Sisseton banker and a long-dead French map-maker have in common? The prairie.

Schoolhouse Auction: Fictional story about an auction-day surprise.

Chautauqua Returns: 19th Century figures come to life under canvas tents in Pierre and Huron.

Hangings in South Dakota: Horrendous crimes are not new to South Dakota. In fact, on 13 occasions we hung the accused.

Flume Trail: Thank Cornelius Vanderbilt, unpaid laborers and a literary man for this scenic Black Hills footpath.

Sentimental Journey: There's no better way to see corn country than on a bicycle.

Japanese Gardens: Sioux Falls rebuilds its historic garden.




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