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May/June 1993

Laureen Evans Qualm painted this oil on canvas titled "Rapid Creek."


Crazy Horse Volksmarch: The most popular hike in the country.

The Apprentices: Gordon Gunderson and Archie Bangs never went to law school, but they know the law.

Big Stone City: History hasn't always been kind to this little town, but we didn't find any complainers on our visit.

Dear Departed: The pioneer tale of an undertaker and his two wives.

Birdwatching: A bird that walks under water got Jim Dickenson interested in avian pursuits many years ago.

Conference on Character: Historians and writers of South Dakota are about to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their annual meeting.

Our Sweetest Crop: The honey industry in South Dakota offers some sweet recipes. [read more]

Prairie Fire: Smoke on the horizon was a scary sight in the days of the open prairie.

Fort Sisseton Festival: The old military post in northeast South Dakota has always attracted crowds.

Cloud Seeding in South Dakota: The controversy behind rain-making.




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