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May/June 1994

"The Grey House with Lilacs" is the title of this oil on canvas by Laureen Evans Qualm.


Splendid Isolation: Custer State Park celebrates 75 years of providing things to do and spectacular views.

First Artist of the West: George Catlin foresaw that as the frontier disappeared, the tribes of North America would be the first casualties.

Murder in Sully County: In 1937, two youths on a crime rampage shattered the quiet of Sully County.

The Old Porch Swing: Marcia Hill recalls the favorite gathering place at the Ford family home in Terraville.

Frozen Delights: The coolest desserts for the hottest season.

Viborg: This town with deep Danish roots markets itself as a good place for business and a great place to raise kids.

Willard Water: Developed as a cleaning agent in the 1930s, Willard's 'Super Water' is still being used all over the world. [read more]

A Quilt Complex: Quilting is a way of taking care of business for award-winning artist Claire Packard.




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