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May/June 1995

"Storm at Sea" is the title of this pastel drawing by Sioux Falls artist Kristine Martineau Gellerman.


Windmills: In the 1940s electricity replaced wind power on most farms, but many windmills remain today as a symbol of rural life.

Ruth Ziolkowski: As finishing touches begin on Crazy Horse's face, Paul Higbee talks with the woman behind the mountain. [read more]

Pierre's Baseball Dynasty: Mike Doyle recalls the thrill of being one of the bronzed baseball warriors on the Pierre American Legion team.

Gettysburg: Founded in 1883 by former Union soldiers, Potter County's Yankee town battles for its future.

The Ku Klux Klan in South Dakota: Marching Klansmen, cross burnings and a national convention marked the KKK's presence in our state.

Rafting the Old Missouri: Before bulldozers dammed the Missouri, two Sioux Falls men assembled a raft for a last look at the wild waterway. [read more]

Murder in Brule County: In 1951, the quiet of Bijou Hills was shattered by a killer who nearly got away.

Quick 'n Easy Country Cookin': Recipes from a Davis magazine that showcases the best of Midwestern comfort food.

Living with Fire: The answer to dealing with wild prairie fires has been to tame the land. But at what cost?




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