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May/June 1997

Yankton artist Shannon Gleich is known for her illustrations, portraits and paintings. Though her work has involved a number of subject matters, including the truck on our cover, she prefers painting wildlife.


South Dakota's Art Museums: Where some of the nation's finest art treasures dwell.

Pickups of South Dakota: Prairie mud and dents add character to South Dakota trucks.

Moon Struck: The moon's silvery glow awes Black Hills strollers.

Outdoor Works of Art: How neglect has ravaged South Dakota sculptures. [read more]

Pioneer Politics: How Andrew Lee of Vermillion became South Dakota's Populist governor.

The Flood of 1972: A disaster that forever changed the soul of Rapid City.

Alcester: Union County residents are banking on the future.

Chalkstone Architecture: Pioneer buildings of soft, yellow stone have stood the test of time.




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