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May/June 1999

Pamela Weaver painted "48 Plymouth" after watching the car sit day in and day out on her family farm near Winner.


To All the Cars We've Loved Before: Cars and trucks have become part of our culture in South Dakota.

Ocean Pelicans on the Prairie: The migratory birds are at home on the lakes of northeastern South Dakota.

Digging Up a Family Business: Finding fossils is a way of life for the Sacrison famiy of Harding County.

Mt. Moriah: The Deadwood, South Dakota cemetery is famous for death.

A High School Graduates: The Washington Pavilion is ready to open in Sioux Falls.

Spencer, One Year After the Tornado: How the McCook County town coped after disaster struck.

Roses in Gregory: Town builders are rediscovering the imagination that sparked the community to life in 1904.

This Grassland is My Land: Surrounded by beauty in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland.




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