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May/June 2000

John Green, a Madison artist, captured "Webster's Water Woes."


Webster: Day County's trial by water.

Boundary Walker: Retired Rapid City mailman Emmett Bennett walked the borders of South Dakota. [read more]

My Degree from Wakonda: Wanda and Stewart Bellman received an education for the heart and soul in 1970s Clay County.

A Seed on Fertile Ground: Vermillion's W.H. Over taught the natural history of South Dakota. [read more]

Second Burial: White Swan ancestors find peace at last on a Missouri River knoll.

Rainbow Bible Ranch: Where cows and campers weather South Dakota prairie storms.

Fulton: Mike Sougstad hopes art can save the Hanson County town.

Black Hills Country Music: Boot-stomping music is a summer tradition.

Ghost Church: Fort Randall's sentry over lonely graves.

The Bird Watcher's Wings: Willis Hall's love affair with birds and life. [read more]




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