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May/June 2005

Tending flowers is a summer pastime for many South Dakotans, like the residents of this Marshall County home.


The Power and the Glory: Photography of lightning on the Great Plains by Paul Horsted.

Bucking Horse Highway: Highway 85 is our Northwest Passage, from Tipperary to Steamboat.

Our Mountain Resort: Soaking in sun and mineral water at Hot Springs.

The Man Behind McCrory Gardens: Norm Evers nurtured Sam McCrory's garden into a world-class park. 

Smoke Watch: A century of searching for fire from Black Hills towers.

A Photographer's Photographer: Rapid City's Bill Groethe has focused on the Black Hills for 66 years.

Fun and Frivolity at Gayville Hall: Filmmakers Doug and Judi Sharples turned a shuttered grocery store into southeast South Dakota's most unique music hall.

Welcoming the Swift Fox Home: Georg Joutras captures foxes on film.

Deerfield Without Deerfield Store: Tom and Sherrill Sawyer kept civilization alive on Castle Creek.

Conserving Resources and Men: The men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, and what they built in Depression-era South Dakota.

Carousel: A fictional account of a young girl who finds comfort at a traveling carnival. 




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