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May/June 2006

Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza participated in a Haakon County branding.


Paddling on the Prairie: South Dakota waterways prove ideal for kayakers and canoers.

Hartford: How water, and community spirit, has made a Minnehaha County town grow.

A Hollywood Find: Old photographs of Sioux Falls turn up in an unlikely place.

Philosophy, Philanthropy and Fishin': A Bridgewater pond provides therapy and companionship, and some fish, too. 

Calamity Jane, We Hardly Knew You: A Mitchell author investigates the fabled woman's life and legend.

Spring Branding at Deep Creek: Haakon County ranch hands round up calves for a yearly ritual.

Last Year at Deep Creek: The prairie has been a science lab for a one-room school.

Reunion at Roscoe: A school reunion ducks disaster, and the prune juice flows.

Prairie Version of a Clam Bake: Two Armour men demonstrate the art of cream can cooking. [read more]

Deadwood's Old Tunes: Mining melodies rediscovered in the Black Hills.




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