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May/June 2007

Sioux Falls photographer Greg Latza was watching a ballgame in Eureka when he noticed a view from behind the bench


Sightseers in a Farm Town: Enjoying Centerville's little-known treasures.

My 100 Mile Diet: A week of eating foods grown within a 100-mile radius of Sioux Falls.

The Meaning of Baseball: Amateur baseball is a small town tradition in South Dakota.

Windsurfing Oahe: Catching the wind above South Dakota's biggest Missouri River reservoir. 

Launching a Museum: The National Park Service exposes the mystery of our missile sites.

Stalking Rhubarb: An indigenous plant for pie, cake and jam.

My Father the Painter: Axel Sacrison's art depicts Harding County's Finnish heritage.

Gathered for a Gun Show: There's lots of camaraderie among South Dakota firearms enthusiasts.

Revisiting White River: The unchanging beauty of the West River valley.

The Last Lakota Code Talker: Clarence Wolf Guts fooled the Japanese in World War II. [read more]




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