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May/June 2008

A boy with his kite and dog in Sioux Falls' Tuthill Park caught the eye of photographer Greg Latza.


Garretson's Mysteries: Outlaws, renegades and warriors color its heritage.

Saving the Bald Spot: Reynolds Prairie, a historic and sacred Black Hills mountain meadow, is threatened by development.

How Donna Lee Found Serenity: Life in South Dakota provided a fresh start for artist Donna Lee Bartholow.

Peever is Pieville: Char's Cafe was a Roberts County fixture. [read more]

Our Centennial Trail: An experienced hiker ranks the 111-mile path through the Black Hills as one of America's finest trails. [read more]

Waves of Wind: The blessings and burdens of South Dakota's ever-blowing winds.

A Farmer's Story: A Dakota boy wanted to be a farmer so badly he learned Norwegian. [read more]

Silver City and the Outside World: Firefighters govern a unique little town in Jenney Gulch.

True Earth Homes: SDSU has perfected the homesteader art of building with sod.

Rocky Voyage: How a Black Hills fossil collector's specimens landed on Centerville's Main Street.

The Muskegon Disaster: Remembering a deadly storm on Big Stone Lake. [read more]




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