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12:18 pm - Wed, July 4 2012
Lonnie LaFave said:
My father was Eugene ("Dutch") LaFave. He worked on the ranch when he was about 17 years old. He is the 2nd from the left in the picture of the cowboys on horseback, and also 2nd from the left in top row of the picture of cowboys in the group picture.
12:10 pm - Thu, April 4 2013
Jack said:
The Mulehead was an important part of Gregory County's and South Dakota's history. Itt was started by the Jackson Bros.(Frank, Graydon and Ernest) whose father was Gov. of Iowa and Pres. of the Royal Union Ins. Co. The brothers also started Old and New Dallas and Winner which effectively killed the town of Lamro.
My grandmother, Stella McMullen, was an attendant in Orr and Vinnie Unglub's wedding at the Mulehead as Orr was the Jackson Bros. cattle boss. Grandma Stella related that they danced for three days. Appaerently it rained the day of the wedding and the gumbo was so bad no one could leave.....that, according to Grandma Stella.
I also visited with Curly Haisch, who owned the the Mulehead for many years. I quizzed about the Mulehead having electricity before the towns in the area. He related that there was a large artesian well up in the river hills that run a water wheel that powered a generator. He said they had found the waterwheel up in one of his pastures. The Mulehead, while run by Curly was a destination goose hunting camp from the forty's until the early 70's.
02:09 pm - Wed, July 17 2013
Gary Nelson said:
I am wondering if anyone can identify the man standing on the left side behind the littel boy on the group picture at mule head ranch.
I am wondering if my father worked at the ranch when he was in his early 20's
Gary Nelson
04:02 pm - Wed, October 2 2013
Steve LaFave said:
I am wondering if it may be possible to get an original copy or at least a good quality reproduction, of the first photo?

In response to Gary Nelson's question, photo #2 was published in the Argus Leader back in the 40's or 50's (I have an original copy) and also in the recent book, 'Images of America, Gregory and Charles Mix Counties'.

Front row: Herman Stamer, Shorty Phillips, Fritz Schemmer, Hank Stamer, Archie Turgeon, Jake Schemmer
Middle Row: George Marty, Mr. Bear, Ernest Jackson, Adolf Stamer, Graydon Jackson, Erhart Pepkie
Back Row: Charley Slater, Dutch LaFave (my grandfather), Orr Unglaub, Grant Smith, Frances Turgeon

FYI to Jack, Vinnie Unglaub was Dutch LaFave's sister.
10:50 am - Sun, November 10 2013
Chuck Lucas said:
I have a photo of the ranch buildings from a different angle. My grandfather's brother, Ira Lucas, was said by the family to have been a foreman at the ranch.
01:18 pm - Wed, March 26 2014
Ruthanne Whitely said:
My grandparents moved to the Mule Head ranch in the 1920s I think. I grew up hearing about the Mule Head Ranch.
My cousins and I are hoping to put together a reunion for early September and wonder what accommodations might be available at the Lodge. We visited the location a number of years ago but there were no people around to ask questions of. The small group of emus in one of the paddocks did not have much to say.
Any help or suggestions you might send me would be most appreciated.
Thank you.
Ruthanne Whitely
05:42 pm - Mon, January 5 2015
Dave Cassling said:
My dad, Arthur Cassling, worked on he Mulched Ranch as a bookkeeper in 1920. He had survived the big flu of 1918 while in the Army. His brother got him the job on the ranch to help him recover. When the cowboys picked him up in town to take him out to the ranch, they loosened the cinch on his saddle and when my dad went flying there was great laughter at the expense of the new tenderfoot. Dad played saxophone and played in a local band. He told of a dance they played on the ranch where townies, cowboys and native americans in the area had a rousing time. I have no idea what tunes they must have played. Shortly after arriving at the ranch, dad asked the cook what was dinner to be. Cook asked dad what he wanted, and dad said chicken would be nice. The cook handed my dad a 22 rifle and told him to get him a chicken. Dad shot the chicken, and the cook obligingly cooked it. Dad loved his year as a bookkeeping cowboy at Mulehead Ranch.
01:50 am - Wed, March 18 2015
Arthur George Evans said:
My name is Art Evans, i grew up hearing story's about the Mule Head Ranch from my dad who was born in bonestill in 1916, My dad's name was George Evans and he had a brothers Paul, Bill, Joe Evans were also worked the ranch, I would love to visit that area sometime.
09:42 am - Thu, March 2 2017
Rhonda said:
My grandfather, oscar qualm, also worked there!
02:31 pm - Fri, June 2 2017
Don Dobesh said:
This story brought back a flood of memories for me. My Dad, Leo, worked for Curly for a period of time. I was frequently able to hang around the ranch buildings. I must have only been 4-5 years old. There is one picture that shows 3 out-buildings with a large barn in the center. The building on the right had windows right at ground level. One day, I rolled fairly large rocks down the slope and broke several of the windows.
later, when I returned to the yard, Curly came riding up on a white horse. He did not yell, but softly asked me why I did it. I don't remember how i reacted, but I know that my Dad paid for the windows and tanned the hide on my butt that night. A good life lesson that day!
07:27 pm - Sun, June 11 2017
Jessica Stamer said:
Hello my husbands grandfather and great grandfather are Herman Stamer and Adolf Stamer in the picture here. We are looking to find more info, photos, anything about the ranch around this time of the photo, if anyone knows or has more pictures of the ranch and people on the ranch it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
06:32 pm - Mon, February 22 2021
Walt Bones said:
My Dad was a regular. Rose Haisch made the best home made bread. Curley took us out on the river many time. The Haisch House in Bonesteel was a great legacy!
04:22 am - Tue, February 23 2021
Dawn Newland said:
My Great Grandparents came from Iowa to homestead in the 1880s and settled near Bonesteel! My Grandfather ride ten miles everyday to work on a large horse ranch! I wonder if it was the Mulehead? I see no years as to when it was formed! Any information would be appreciated
01:25 pm - Tue, February 23 2021
Dennis Bartekoske said:
Lived on a farm west of Geddes SD on the other side of the river. As a kid when I was too young to get a drivers license,I would drive a tractor down to Wheeler to fish.Always stopped to admire the beauty of the Mulehead ranch.Live in Iowa now, but home will always be in South Dakota.
05:06 pm - Fri, February 26 2021
Kathy Divine said:
I have lived in the Bonesteel Fairfax area all my life and know many things regarding the Mulehead Ranch. The McCarville Coffee Roaster on Main Street in Bonesteel has many of those and other interesting photographs framed with written history of each photo. Each cowboy in those two photos above are named in the descriptions. Come for a visit!
10:38 am - Tue, July 13 2021
Clint Schemmer said:
If anyone knows from who/where I might obtain large, good digital copies of the ranchhead portraits, please holler!


- Clint Schemmer, kin of Jake Schemmer

06:12 am - Mon, July 11 2022
Michael J Flynn said:
I have (2) aerial photo's of the Mulehead ranch from 1922, along with a guest book with signatures from roughly 1918 to 1923. My grandfather is Adolph Stamer pictured between the Jackson brothers. The young boy in the picture is my uncle Herman Stamer.
08:01 am - Fri, September 29 2023
Gloria Nelson Pickner said:
My dad John Nelson worked on the Mule Head Ranch I think in the 192os and had many stories to tell. I think he met my mom Vera Rogers there. She was a cook. I wish I could remember the name of the lady she worked with. I just sent some pictures to my cousin in Herrick in hopes she can put them in a museums.
06:25 pm - Tue, February 27 2024
Rena Bultsma Lunders said:
I have b&w photo taken before 1940 from the east side of the Missouri River that shows "Mule Head Ranch in the background" but buildings are not distinguishable. It does show a small island in the MO. It was taken by my grandparents who lived near Wheeler. Tell me how and I will upload it for posterity.
05:20 am - Sun, March 31 2024
Dianne Flynn-Burman said:
My son Sean Flynn has an original of the group of cowboys. My late husband was Christopher E.Flynn. His grandfather is Adolph Stamer and his uncle is the young boy Herman Stamer. His mother Ruth Stamer Flynn is the youngest child of Adolph. I have heard many stories told by my mother in law and and late husband and have tried to pass them down to my son Sean.
11:56 am - Tue, May 21 2024
Gene Reiser said:
I was shown an Ink Stamp last week that has a picture of a Mule Head in the center and on top says MULE HEAD and on the bottom THE LOGICAL DAM SITE. Does anyone have any information or the story behind the ranch being a possible site for the Ft Randall Dam before it was built down stream at current day Pickstown??

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