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09:53 am - Mon, April 23 2012
Great photos.....I'll ask again....Maybe Jan has the answer or the picture....
How does one find the "bear" in Bear Butte? I keep wondering if someone could enhance a photo to "show the bear".... Kinda like they do around the star constellations....lines between the stars to show "the swan" etc.... Even if it's "far out"...I sure wish someone could "show the beat"...and where to stand to see "the bear" Thanks............ Grant
09:57 am - Mon, April 23 2012
Laura said:
Grant, did you ever see Chad Coppess' attempt to show the bear?
03:16 pm - Mon, April 23 2012
Char Bartholow said:
Grant, the above link is correct! The third picture probably shows it best.... it is a sleeping bear.... the tail end is at the left (west) side and shows the back and on to the front shoulders. The smaller slopes to the east are the neck, and head and snout. You can imagine the ears on the bear too, if you have the correct angle.
03:17 pm - Mon, April 23 2012
Char said:
oooops. Second picture.... LOL
04:05 pm - Mon, April 23 2012
I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally "see the bear" in Bear's fantastic....Chad Coppess....Thank You...Thank You.. Thank You....I have asked and asked for years how to "find the Bear"....and today I have.!!! I think I can honestly say I have asked hundreds of people...from photographers, to historians, to even geologists on how to find "the bear"..... And now...Chad...thanks to you, a lot of us will finally enjoy the bear...and the beautiful Lakota legends too....Chad, you just did a wonderful job....I hope the "media"....TV...Print...Magazines will "pick up" on your wonderful photos.....It's a fantastic pictorial story about one of South Dakotas' most famous landmarks...Chad, you just did a super job of actually displaying "The Bear" in your photo.... I can hardly wait to take this picture with me on my next trip to the BH's.... South Dakota Magazine....thank you...Like I say....I would honestly guess that VERY VERY few people have ever seen "The Bear" until now...and Jan Nickelson...Thank You for your beautiful photos...And to my Lakota friends....may Bear Butte always be yours...Thank You for sharing it with us.
04:07 pm - Mon, April 23 2012
And ...Laura....Thank You....Thanks for all you do at SD Magazine.
07:15 am - Tue, April 24 2012
Laura said:
Thanks, Grant. It's all part of the fun here!
05:14 am - Thu, April 26 2012
Ed Goss said:
Jan, I think it's neat you were able to sneak Terry Peak in on the fourth picture.
09:29 am - Fri, March 28 2014
Fred Wolfstar-Lenhart said:
As for the Butte liking like that of a Bear... Do not question what you see, just observe in your heart, and you will believe; yes there is a Bear "There" :)

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