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November 1986

In an autumn explosion of yellow and gold, this cottonwood tree in Newton Hills State Park near Canton seems "to entertain delusions that it has become the sun..." It was photographed by Joel Strasser who lives near the park.


The Great Chicken Caper: A tell-tale story of honest thievery.

Our Cowboy Governor: Tom Berry's daughter tells of the family's start.

Who's No. One? Soon we'll know, as South Dakota's best high school football teams head for 'Dome, Sweet Dome!'

Holiday Gift Guide: A unique guide to South Dakota gifts.

What Might Have Been: A fascinating "did you know" about S.D. and the U.N.

James 'Death Valley' Scott: The story of a Deadwood-born fastball artist. [read more]

Golden Horns: An old hunter encounters that big buck.




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