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November/December 1990

Aberdeen artist George Prisbe provided our cover, "November Moonrise." It is his recreation of Cedar Pass in the Badlands of southwestern South Dakota.


Wounded Knee: This issue is devoted to Wounded Knee, 100 years later.

When Hope Was Extinguished: Historian Dave Walter writes of the events which led to the massacre at Wounded Knee.

A Survivor's Account: Dewey Beard was severely wounded at Wounded Knee, but he lived to tell the story of what transpired.

Hoping For a New Start: One hundred years after the massacre, Pine Ridge is a troubled but hopeful place.

Blacks in South Dakota: The heritage of another South Dakota minority.

Kellogg's Dogs: Kelloggs have been hunting and raising dogs in Lake County for four generations.

Pierre's Tree Lady: Our capitol city's premier holiday decorator is Dottie Howe.

Huron Lightens the Season: Once upon a time, Huron residents began to decorate streets. You should see them now!




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