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November/December 1991

"Almost Christmas" is a watercolor by well-known Black Hills artist Jon Crane.


Close Encounter at Choteau Creek: Outdoorsman Roger Wiltz survived one scary moment, only to face still another. [read more]

Boots and Saddles: As long as South Dakota has cows and horses, we'll probably have boot and saddle makers.

Springfield's Prairie Naturalist: Adeline Cooper is one of those resourceful folks who work in tandem with nature.

The Big House: The big house on Huron's main drive has reclaimed its place.

Counting Noses: South Dakota conducted its own census from 1895 to 1945.

Spearfish: Not Just a Pretty Place: Picturesquely placed at our mountains' edge, Spearfish has a lot more than pretty scenery.

The Dakota Call: A radio broadcaster in Watertown lends his lone voice to the Dakota-ization of America.

The Ugly Horse That Could: Though he never looked like much, Elton Kaus' ugly horse became a good friend.




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