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November/December 1993

Rapid City's Jon Crane painted this watercolor and titled it "First Snow."


Black Hills Stock Show: Behind the scenes of an event many South Dakotans call their winter vacation.

Town of Buffalo: If you'd like a town where they still talk about a horse that died 60 years ago, then you'll love Buffalo.

Ranching at the Diamond A: The big outfit provided jobs and trained a generation of ranchers. But were the shady dealings and over-grazing worth it?

Land Ethics in Cattle Country: Ranching doesn't have to be harmful to Mother Nature.

Our Four Corners: Surely you've wondered what might be found at each of our state's four corners.

Rediscovering McIntosh Fen: A lush meadow above Deerfield is making an ecological comeback.

30 Years of Mud and Mail: Neither snow nor rain nor Lyman County gumbo has kept Dorothy Gloe from delivering the mail on her rural route.

Holiday Foods Heritage: The best time to have ethnic roots is in the holiday season. [read more]




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