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November/December 1994

"Day's End" is the title of this painting by John Green.


Historic Sioux Falls: Painter Ron Backer tells pictoral stories about the state's largest city at the turn of the century.

Prairie Skyscrapers: Sturdy construction hasn't been enough to guarantee a future for prairie grain elevators.

Fish Farming at 5,800 Feet: Howard Morrison built a trout hatchery where few thought it could succeed.

Rochford, South Dakota: Where high altitude and a self-reliant attitude meet.

Lost Soldier from Sisseton: The answers to Frenchman Nicolai Stommen's life were found in northeast South Dakota.

A Last Homecoming: A fiction story about facing the demons of the past and accepting the future.

Dutch Treats: New Holland's annual smorgasbord draws people in for miles around to sample delicious Dutch cuisine.

Political Buttons: Circular souvenirs of our political past.

This Land is Our Land: So what should we be doing with it?

Writer John Milton: A Minnesota transplant who proudly writes about his adopted state.




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