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November/December 1997

Faulkton artist Charles Greener painted this oil on canvas in 1910. Considered his masterpiece, it features geese in the foreground of a South Dakota prairie field with a mere fingernail paring of a sunrise behind them. "Honkers at Sunrise" is part of the South Dakota Art Museum collection in Brookings.


Lakes in Peril: Why South Dakota's Glacial Lakes are dying too soon.

The People of the North Wind: Wearying blasts are not enough to uproot South Dakotans.

Reaching Old Heights: Historical elegance returns to Sioux Falls' Cathedral District.

Keeping Canistota on the Map: Can aches, pains and the Ortman Clinic keep the McCook County town alive?

This Hunter's Last Ditch: E. G. Trotzig's poetic account of his last pheasant hunt.

Mother's Sage: Honoring life's lessons — both learned and unlearned.

Underground World of Lake Cochrane: Are its Deuel County aquifers endangered? Does anyone care?

Old Time Pantries: The heart of South Dakota farmhouses yielded up recipes for ratatouille, quick buns and aebleskiver.

Eyewitness to the Gold Rush: What pioneer Richard Hughes discovered in the Black Hills.

Silent Sights: There's no room for taxes or budgets when Christmas comes to the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre.



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