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November/December 2000

John Green's cover art depicts a young man's trip to Christmas church services.


Showdown in Centennial Valley: Conflicts on saving a historic Black Hills ranch.

Canton: Exploring South Dakota's Norwegian capital.

Hispanic Sioux Falls: Immigrants bring color to South Dakota.

A Capital Comeback: Undeterred by losses, Yankton citizens work to preserve its heritage.

Suspects in Sturgis: A plot to free German POWs was hatched at Fort Meade. [read more]

Skeletons of the Prairie: What is the value of crumbling rural architecture?

The Batesland Raid: Mountain oysters and tribal police rescued a Martin man.

The Great Blizzard of 1888: Aloise Matzner remembered the storm of the century in ther 1965 memoir.

Arikara Ghost Town: What should be done with an Indian village site in Hughes County?

Christmas at Wounded Knee: Warm memories of cold holidays on Pine Ridge Reservation.



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