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November/December 2002

"A Country Holiday Hello" is an oil by our cover artist John Green.


Wagner: What will the Charles Mix County town be after seven generations?

Radio Active Man: Wagner's Bill Evers has been tuned in to radio memorabilia for 75 years.

Timber Raising: Brookings County's Mark Sandro builds timber houses to last.

A City from Scratch: Dakota Dunes is a new kind of border town.

When Harry Met Gregory: The Rosebud land lottery drew a future president to South Dakota.

Trygve Trooien's Overall Preservation: Mixing fabric, philosophy and farm fashion at Astoria. [read more]

Life in a Dry Town: Two women keep the ghosts at bay in the waterless West River town of Ardmore.

Eyeing a Vast Universe: Ron Dyvig explores space from the Badlands.

A Special Edition for Christmas: How a tramp printer came through for the town of Dell Rapids and a boy.

Railroad Roulette: Tracking the DM&E coal train's promise and pain. 



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