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November/December 2004

Myron Lee wowed fans in a 1960 performance. He was South Dakota's first bonafide rock and roll star.


South Dakota Music: A special tribute to the South Dakota music scene.

Our King of Rock and Roll: Myron Lee of Sioux Falls rocked the region for 40 years. [read more]

Journey to Lower Brule: The musical journey of Paul LaRoche and Brule.

Morning with Tony Chytka: A Belle Fourche rancher mixes rodeo and art.

Madison's Calling: The heart of Lake County still beats strong.

Terry's Domain: Vermillion's master builder of round homes. [read more]

Prowling the Zoo in Winter: When the snow flies, the animals come to life.

Eden, South Dakota: A Marshall County paradise.

Lakota Christmas: Waziya, Christ and a tradition of giving on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Glimpses of Paradise: A Black Hills photographer explores Custer State Park.




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