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November/December 2008

Paige Medeck and Michaela Trail plan a winter's day from the porch of the old Medeck house on Pine Street in Yankton.


Holiday Kitchen Traditions: Treasured family recipes from three South Dakotans. [read more]

Sun Dance — Circle of Life: Observing a sacred rite of the Lakota. [read more]

In the Presence of Greatness: John Day has devoted his life to preserving Oscar Howe's legacy.

Fort Pierre to Deadwood: Riding on the trail with the 100th anniversary wagon train.

The Victim's Daughter: An Irish woman revisits the scene of a 1917 tragedy in Lead. [read more]

Lost in Gregory County: A turkey hunter's midnight adventure.

Shooting From the Saddle: Jean Laughton captures the Badlands' cowboy culture from horseback.

Charles Mix Fur History: Vestiges of one of America's oldest industries remain in Geddes.

Judging a Junk Man: Eccentrics or recycling pioneers? [read more]

2008 Holiday Gift Guide: Our annual guide to South Dakota-made gifts. 




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