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Web Roundup - What Are You Hunting For?

Oct 14, 2011

Photo by Chad Coppess of S. D. Tourism.

As the bright reds and golden yellows of fall foliage start to fade away, new colors take their place — namely, blaze orange and camouflage. Pheasant hunting season starts tomorrow, and the excitement is palpable. Here are some strategies for successful pheasant hunting courtesy of Pheasants Forever.

Pheasants aren’t the only wild animals on the move. It’s also Watch Out For Deer season all over the state. 

Elk, on the other hand, are easy to avoid … as long as you’re wearing camouflage

Not all hunting takes place outdoors. Many of us have experienced the thrill and frustration of seeking out our favorite products when the local supermarket remodels. The Secret Fork recently described the five stages of grocery store renovation grief

If you’re hunting for new ways to live your life, check out Sustainable Dakota Digest. A variety of contributors post on subjects pertaining to simpler and greener living, such as recycling and repurposing, natural housekeeping hints, cooking with in-season foods, alternative and efficient home construction, permaculture, and community building.

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