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06:32 am - Sat, January 7 2012
Dawn Campbell said:
I always say, Rest your eyes on South Dakota, and this picture shows why.
02:09 pm - Sat, March 10 2012
kevin wright said:
Love this photo
10:32 am - Tue, May 22 2012
Floyd Kitchen said:
I have walked from one end of South Dakota to the other with Akicita Mani and witnessed true beauty of The State.
08:19 am - Thu, August 2 2012
Dennis J. Holm said:
I am proud to say that I was born in Viborg, Turner County, in 1931.
South Dakota is one place that I want to come back for my final days
to enjoy.
The photo shown is a great rendition of how beautiful that it is in the
state of South Dakota. The photographer captured a great scene that is so typical of our beautiful state.
12:11 pm - Thu, August 2 2012
Rebecca Wirkus said:
That looks like Bitter Lake, south of and now part of Waubay. I took some pictures of the lake on my way to Watertown. I wasn't lucky enough to be there for a sunset. Lovely picture makes me think of my Dad.
10:16 am - Fri, August 31 2012've had some spectacular photos of Crazy Horse...I hope you'll publish some more. Thanks.
07:54 am - Tue, October 30 2012
Ross said:
That is a huge buck! We seen a large Mule Deer buck last December on Sheridan Lake Road near Arrowhead Golf Course about 1:00 am. Wonder if it could be the same one?
10:41 am - Wed, February 6 2013
John Crowley said:


Just viewed some of your photos and they are
some of the best I have ever seen.

Please check out------>

The only butte with it`s own website.
Thank you---- John Crowley
01:08 pm - Mon, April 29 2013
Delores Bruce said:
Thank you for the opportunity to view these beautiful pictures. We are very fortunate to have such artists in South Dakota. We are also fortunate in having the South Dakota Magazine. It is always very professional, informative and promotes our state in the best possible way.

Thank you.
06:47 am - Tue, July 9 2013
Sherry Baker said:
Fabulous photo of last month's super moon rising at Badlands National Park. Harlan is an excellent photographer, always capturing the best of the best!
09:38 am - Fri, August 23 2013
Ruth said:
Love the expressions! I suspect I looked pretty much the same when one of these guys jumped in my kayak with me last summer. Actually, the worst part was trying to catch him, he was really slimy, so I could pitch him out!
06:05 am - Sat, January 18 2014
Ed said:
Great pictures keep em comin
04:26 pm - Sat, November 1 2014
Delores Bruce said:
Just when we think we have seen the best photos ever in South Dakota Magazine, the new edition comes out, and we see South Dakota from many talented photographers. Thank you for sharing these photos with us. It is interesting to see how each of us see the same thing or place in a totally different way.
11:21 am - Tue, August 30 2016
Natalie Brandt said:
I'm a wildlife and nature photographer. I was wondering how I would be able to submit my photos for the photo of the week?

Thank you
Natalie Brandt
01:52 pm - Fri, September 16 2016
Lynn A. Moran said:
This is a wonderful picture of a wonderful project. I always appreciate the photos of Kathleen Ann.
09:05 am - Wed, August 29 2018
Patrick K Courtney said:
This is my first time to view the Photo of the Week section. I was very impressed, particularly with the Slide Show feature.

I recently visited the Black Hills area and found it wonderful.

07:44 am - Fri, August 9 2019
Tammy Jean Tolton said:
The photo by Mr Morris is beautifully taken and I have seen a few other pics. He has a great eye for capturing our gorgeous state and its surroundings.
06:21 am - Sat, November 28 2020
Ed said:

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