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Pomegranate seeds provide antioxidants and a sweet counterbalance to a bowl of salty popcorn.
Pomegranate seeds provide antioxidants and a sweet counterbalance to a bowl of salty popcorn.

Add Pop to Your Corn

Oct 16, 2014

During the summer the farm demands long hours, and it is common for Hubs not to be home until 9 p.m. or later. A hot shower, dinner and snores in his chair are pretty much all that happens most nights. We don’t get to spend much quality time together. However, with the days getting shorter and harvest coming to a close, Hubs is finding his way home a little earlier. There will be some cooking together, a little yard work to prep for winter, a few walks before it gets too cold, some small home projects, and of course, time for movies.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, a flick is always just a few clicks away. Technology has ended the frustration with limited selections, last minute long drives to find a movie and late fees when we can't get back to town to return the DVD on time. There is no hassle. Whenever we find time, our biggest concern can be who is hogging the blanket as we cuddle up to enjoy the movie.

But what would movie night be without popcorn? Just like pizza, popcorn is practically a food group for Hubs. His favorite popcorn is made on the stovetop in a Whirly Pop popcorn maker, but the microwave serves well for those got-to-have-it-now cravings. The Boy Scouts know to always knock on our door during their sales promotions. Extra Butter, Kettle Corn, or Caramel, the variety doesn't matter as long as it is popcorn.

I have found a way to give our popcorn treat an antioxidant and flavor boost. Tangy pomegranate seeds are a great combination with slightly sweet, yet salty popcorn. I love adding the colorful seeds to guacamole, salads, chicken and beef dishes, and this great popcorn treat. Grab a movie, a blanket for cuddling and some popcorn ... and don’t forget the pomegranate.

Pomegranate & Popcorn

1 bag microwave Kettle Corn popcorn
1 medium pomegranate
salt, to taste

Remove seeds from the pomegranate. (The best method I have found is to fill the sink with cool water and break the pomegranate apart under the water. The water absorbs spatters, the pith and bad seeds float to the top to easily be discarded, and you are left with beautifully juicy seeds and no bloody crime scene of pomegranate juice.)
Pop the popcorn according to package directions.
Salt the popcorn to taste.
Put about a cup of popcorn in a bowl.
Add a handful (about 1/4 cup) of pomegranate seeds.
Because the pomegranate sinks to the bottom, I suggest mixing this a single bowl full at a time.
Be sure to get some of both the pomegranate and popcorn in each bite to truly enjoy this snack.

Fran Hill has been blogging about food at On My Plate since October of 2006. She, her husband and their two dogs ranch near Colome.


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