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11:04 am - Wed, November 18 2015
Dan Ray said:

This was a stunning church, definitely on a "list to visit" for stunning buildings in South Dakota, (commenting here on my lunch hour). The community is to be complimented on the excellent condition of this church!

The lighting in this church made shooting a challenge, that and the fact that I only have about an hour to shoot it every time I go by, (business trips). Gotta take the lighting the way it is.

In no particular order, other churches to visit include the church in Dimok SD, as well as the church in St. Francis, (I seem to get to visit the rural churches a lot more than the ones in the larger cities). I hope you all enjoy.
11:57 am - Wed, November 18 2015
Gloria said:
Thanks, Dan! Hope you can make it to the "Cathedral on the Prairie" on Dec. 6 for our 12th Christmas on the Prairie concert. The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra will be there, as will Northern State University's Chamber Choir, and the ever-appreciated All-Faiths Festival Choir. Also a couple fantastic men soloists. No better sounds anywhere. Call 605-948-2451 for ticket information.
02:01 pm - Tue, November 24 2015
Roger said:
If ever one doubts the power of faith, remember this magnificent church. What else could motivate a small town to build it? What else could enable a small town to maintain it? God bless the people of Hoven!
08:27 am - Sat, November 18 2017
Carrie krier said:
My Father in law Ron Meier was the care taker of this church for many years. It is breath taking!
09:10 am - Sat, April 21 2018
Linda Krabbenhoft said:
Because of a wrong turn we ended up near Hoven,ND. Noticing the name “Cathedral on the Prairie” on the map, we continued on to check it out.
Magnificent is the only word that I can use. I look forward to going back for a service someday.
This cathedral serves as a tribute and statement about the faith and dedication of this community. At a time when people had little, suffering thru the Great Depression. This community dedicated themselves to their Lord and built this magnificent place that all should know of their belief and faith.
If you’re ever near - take that turn and witness a very moving tribute to strong people and their faith.
08:48 am - Sun, December 23 2018
Mary Johnson said:
My great aunts pictures are in the beginning of the book inside the door. They were nuns. My great grandparents are both buried right behind the church.
I really need to come up there!
So beautiful!!

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