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September/October 1989

Longtime Mission Hill farmer Howard Magorien. 


Cornhusking Champions: Burly young athletes find it hard to beat gray-haired men in this sport.

The Ethan Cheese Plant: Sixty years ago, a writer visited the new Ethan cheese plant. His commentary still applies.

The Music Makers: Sioux Falls organ builder John Nordlie. [read more]

Wrinkled with Character: Many people believe that for old cities like Yankton, the past is important to the future.

Ron Backer: Prairie Artist: The centennial spirit is captured in this Worthing native's works.

The Sick Mare: T.D. Lyons wrote this true story of drama on the family farm.

The Family Watch: James Lawler related his search for a treasured heirloom.

Black Hills Backroads: A scenic route for backroad driving.




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