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September/October 1990

"The Head Hunter" is the work of Cherie L. Ramsdell of Mitchell.


Korkow Rodeo School: At this school near Pierre, the three Rs are Ride, Riding and Rode.

Fly Fishing in the Hills: A pressure-filled fishing trip in the Black Hills.

Old but New Museums: Three South Dakota cities – Tyndall, Watertown and Spearfish – are home to new museums.

The Crazy Quilt: A gaudy and unwanted quilt, once studied, reveals a patchwork of early-day Dakota history.

Pierre's Popcorn King: Mark Bowers is not only good at growing popcorn ... he knows how to get the crop sold.

Saving the St. Vincent: Will a new casino in Flandreau renew the town's old hotel?

Hunting the Custer Wolf: Martha Linde has researched the hunt for one of the Hills' wildest predators.

M&M's Lemonade Marina: A farm couple made the best of a bad situation when their land flooded.




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