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September/October 1991

Laureen Evans Qualm of rural Platte painted this autumn scene of geese over yellow grass.


How We Broke the Prairie: The men and women who tamed the prairie.

Flesh and Grass: One pioneer's recall of the native grasslands and their demise.

The Town Raised on Wheat: Two-thirds of the world's wheat once went through Eureka.

Who Cares for the Land? Environmentalists and ranchers have a lot in common.

Death of the Prairie: Is farming becoming less biological and more industrial?

The Real Sunshine State: More than one state has claimed the title, but who really deserves it?

Rattler Hunt at Mobridge: Lloyd Davidson gives a first person account of his biggest hunt for rattlesnakes.

The Gunfight That Killed a Town: LeBeau was already dead when the townsite was flooded by the Missouri dams. A gunfight killed it.




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