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September/October 1992

South Dakota Writers

Sioux Falls artist Marian Henjum painted this watercolor, "No Hunting."


September Song: A photo essay on the beauties of the season.

A Black Hills Novelist: Dan O'Brien offers observation on his publishing career and his respect for the land.

At Home on the Range: Hermosa ranchwoman, Linda Hasselstrom, has been featured in Life, condensed in Reader's Digest and plagiarized in a Harlequin romance.

The Old Romantic: Badger Clark loved the cowboy way of life like some men love a woman; and he wrote accordingly.

Aberdeen's Writing Wizard: Would there have been a Wizard of Oz if Frank Baum had not lived in Aberdeen?

A Town of Millionaires: A fictional account of a poor family's first encounter with a millionaire.

Mansfield: There is no mayor or really even a main street, but this little community certainly qualifies for townhood.

Three Ice Cream Makers: We found three businesses in South Dakota that thrive on good taste.

The Great Gary Cattle War: A border town showdown between the city council and the cattlemen.




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