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September/October 1993

"Coyote and the Buffalo" was painted by Mark McGinnis of Warner, South Dakota.


Animal Wisdom Stories: Artist Mark McGinnis turned from politics to Native American stories for his new inspiration. [read more]

Selling Seed Corn in Elk Point: The Curry Seed Company survives as a family business despite heavy competition from major corporations.

Rosebud Outlaw Jack Sully: He was the stuff of which legends are made, but in the end the Old West changed too much for him.

Railroad Town: Armour: While the rails brought settlers from many nations, today's residents stress unity, not differences.

Sky Ranch in Harding County: A priest's vision lives on as boys in trouble come here for discipline and help with their problems.

Cowboy Poets Tell Their Tales: Their art started as tales told on the trail or around the campfire.

Bed and Breakfast Recipes: Kitchen ideas from South Dakota innkeepers.

Letting the Stone Speak: Two Deadwood and Dell Rapids hotel owners listen to their historic stone buildings for guidance on restoration work.

Spearfish Gold: The Black Hills come alive with a splash of brilliant, breathtaking autumn colors.




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