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September/October 1994

"Lane Elevators in Sunset" is the title of this watercolor by Margaret Schmidt.


Sica Hollow in Autumn: Nowhere is South Dakota's fall splendor more evident than at Sica Hollow State Park northest of Sisseton.

Sand Lake Waterfowl: A birdwatcher's paradise.

Twelve-mile Ranch: Colorful characters have always found their way to the rustic ranch buried in the Hills between Pringle and Custer.

The Oyate Trail: Rediscovery of Highway 18 seems long overdue.

Where the River Runs Wild: The danger of flooding may be gone, but below Gavins Point Dam, the Missouri still has an attitude.

Murdo: A Practical Place: Life in Murdo was never easy, but tourism and better water will put the town in a good position for the future.

Stills in the Hills: During prohibition the Black Hills made a good hideout for bootleggers.

Vail's Secret Shortbread: A Scottish delicacy from a shore dweller along Big Stone Lake.

D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery: The Spearfish hatchery that became a prototype for trout hatcheries throughout the West.




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