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September/October 1996

Award-winning visual artist D. George Prisbe of the Black Hills draws inspiration for his paintings from the South Dakota landscape. This original painting, "Decidedly Brown," reflects an image from Brown County.


A Land of Birds and Money: Pheasant hunting is more than a pastime — it's a growing income source for many South Dakotans.

Transforming Dreams into Realities: Granting wishes to communities and worthy projects is what the South Dakota Community Foundation does best.

South Dakota's Most Famous Trees: We may not have as many trees as some states, but we appreciate each and every one that grows.

Out Winner Way: A gateway to the West where frontier liberty is still a way of life.

Framing South Dakota: Award-winning pictures snapped by our state's photojournalists.

Venison in Disguise: Some venison lovers have find a way to tame deer flesh's gamey flavor.

September Snow at Custer: When snow frosts the autumn grasses and trees in the southern Black Hills, it is meant to be savored.

Mining Mountains: The future of surface mining for gold in the Black Hills may rest on mountain reclamation.




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