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September/October 1997

Sioux Falls artist Marian Henjum, whose watercolors reflect South Dakota's natural beauty, painted the Newton Hills landscape for our cover.


The Good River: One man's journey into Cheyenne River territory.

Those Blasted Mountains: Blowing up Black Hills rock stirs both awe and ire.

An Eye for Newton Hills: Natural beauty captured photographer Joel Strasser's attention.

David Weathers Sioux Falls: How Fawick Park's naked statue gained acceptance.

Grass Mountain School: Learning lessons of the Lakota in Crazy Horse Canyon.

John Banvard's Brush With Success: A world-renowned artist died penniless in Watertown. [read more]

Making News in Andover: There's still plenty to report in this tiny Day County town of 100.

Main Street Chefs: Great meal-makers are welcome assets to Brookings, Monroe and Hill City.

Biking the Black Hills: Centennial Trail has some of the best scenery that can be seen from a bike seat.

The Look of Autumn: Observations from a drive through the South Dakota countryside.



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