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September/October 1999

"South Dakota Boys" is a pastel painting by South Dakota artists Sherri Treeby of Aberdeen and Lee Leuning of Pierre. They encountered these horses in a roadside pasture.


Tales from the New West: Belle Fourche artist Mick Harrison tells stories in paint.

Sioux Falls — Like a Wealthy Uncle: What attracts people to South Dakota's biggest city?

Phillips Avenue: Niceness has launched an economic boom in downtown Sioux Falls.

School of Hard Rocks: Dolly Evans passes on lessons of business and life at Pringle's roadside rock shop.

Why Dick and Jane Don't Right Two Good: Improving young South Dakotans' poor test scores is a cultural dilemma requiring real change.

Why Do I Write About the West?: Every aspiring Western writer should suffer the universal griefs — and buy a horse.

Justice Takes Center Stage: A Black Hills couple ar building a bridge between the legal profession and the theater.

A Tale of a Mini-Town: Remembering the tiny town of Troy, South Dakota.

Phantom Western Found: A watery grave reveals the secrets of the Missouri's riverboat days.

The Hidewood: The range of hills between Estelline and Clear Lake hides a colorful history. [read more]

A Badlands Autumn: Denny McConnell finds sublime austerity in the Badlands in the fall. 

Autumn's Perfume: The fragrance of elm leaf bonfires still lingers in our memories of small town life. 



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