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September/October 2000

John Green's cover depicts a clash of cultures on the Rosebud Reservation.


Rosebud Hog Wrangle: A cultural clash has flared on the rez.

Leaving Tracks: Rumbling across the South Dakota plains by boxcar. [read more]

Dunlap Melons: James Dunlap was the watermelon king of Clay County. [read more]

Selby's Next Great Test: Wanted — workers, leaders and heroes.

Fly-fishing in the Black Hills: Trout, mountain goats and more. [read more]

The Great Hyde County Prairie Fire: Third-generation rancher Johnny Bown's account of the 1947 disaster. [read more]

My Dad and the President: Calvin Coolidge accepted Russell Moberly's invitation to Hot Springs.

Paradise in Mellette County: Vera Siegmund fled from Stalin and Hitler to a ranch near Wood.

High in the Saddle: Wall's cowboy artist Galen Wallum paints a vanishing breed. [read more]

Bear Butte's Healing Power: A sacred mountain recovers from a scorching fire.

Hutchinson County Power: The Menno Power Show celebrates smells and sounds that reek of work.




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